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summer update

Culture Club Summer Update

What We're Doing Next Year!

During conversations during the Teacher Luncheon, Culture Club Members assembled an amazing list of Ideas for the club next year. With an agenda and good leadership, Culture Club will be an extremely active club for the coming years. This post will have a list of all of the ideas assembled, the activities we will participate in during the school year (which is fast approaching) and many other tidbits. I hope that you read these lists (which are still only written on napkins) and get ready to get your culture on for the next year. Leave as much feedback as you can. Sorry for being so long about this, I was in Honduras and couldn't post.

Next year, the Exec Board Members will be Nythia, Liana, Jared, and Nayna, I believe.

Long List of Ideas for Activities:
The List has some entries with boxes or quotes around them. I tried to replicate the list as closely as possible.
Teacher Luncheon: every month.
Bake Sales
Speakers at Schools - note: I, personally, don't want an assembly because of assembles are nuts. If we have speakers, we'll pull kids from their English classes. However, this is just my prejudice.
Shades of Grey - note: this will be the same as the fallen "speak out!" Jane thinks that we should do this once a month and a group of CC members should put them on. I don't know if attendance should be mandatory or not. I'd like them to be more debate-oriented.
[Cultural Assembly]
Lunch Information Stand - Pamphlets
All Worlds Dance
Art Gallery
Ridiculous Goat
Middle/Elementary School Cultural Assembly
Imax "Evening Downtown" - I think this would be good because it would show the CC members what Milwaukee has to offer culturally
Documentary Nights
Booklets of Recipes for Money

I decided that It was incredibly important to come out of the gates strong. Therefore, during the brainstorming, I devised an agenda for the first few meetings.
1st week of school: Announce Chicago Trip
1st Meeting: organize trip, names, e-mails, screenames, phone numbers, vote t-shirt design.
2nd Meeting: order t-shirts (bring money), Rummage Sale, Done w/ Chicago Trip, Lunch information Stand.
Possible things we can do in Chicago:
Devon Street
China Town
Bha'i Temple
Leave at 8 on Friday.

Despite how organized we may seem right now, we're extremely flexible and any comments you members have will be very welcome.

Jane also wrote down a possible yearly schedule that would achieve great results if we were to adhere to it. However, it is flexible and welcome to comments. It begins with a list of things that we're going to do for money followed by a month-by-month synopsis of our projected activities.

-Teacher Luncheon
-Rummage Sale (beginning of year)
*Chicago - 1st Semester
*Shades of Grey/Documentary Nights
*Movies, Restraunts, Imax

Aug- Table at Registration
Sep - Shades of Grey (SOG), Plan Chicago, T-Shirts
Oct - SOG, Rummage Sale, Goat
Nov- SOG, Continue Goat,
Dec- SOG, bake sale
Jan- SOG
Feb- Assembly, SOG
Mar- SOG, speaker
Apr- SOG
May- SOG, boogie down

As you can see, our involvment is largely based on Shades of Grey. It will be the main activity in CC and will be the base level of involvement for the club. While this ca lender is far from complete and we will no doubt add a lot to it, it is a start and enough to keep people interested and give us a mission.

Speaking of Mission: We need to draft a mission statement. Last year, we were without purpose and I intend to not allow that to set a precedent. Think of things that we do and why.

That concludes the assorted notes from the last few days of CC. Now, I'll post some things that might keep you guys busy investigating. I know how easy it is to get bored during the summer. I'll also ask for some people to volunteer to put together the Culture Club desk at Registration.

Books- I had the idea of asking some of the English teachers for books that would be good for a CC reading list. Perhaps a CC book club? Perhaps some SOGs will have prerequisite reading? Right now, I can only tell of a few that make you think about cultural differences and try to look at the world objectively.
Gandhi - William L. Schrier - Follows Gandhi. Incredible journalistic reporting.
Life of Pi - Yann Martel - Not as related as the others, but an interesting read and a good story.
Snows Falling on Ceaders - David Gutterson - You've all heard of this one
People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn - American History through the eyes of the losers.
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down - Anne Fadiman - A book about the Hmong population adjusting from the stone age to America. We have Lots of Hmong in Milwaukee and I think it'll be good reading for people.
That's all I got right now - Reply with Any Additions.

I have a little music, but not much. These are just the ones from my personal collection.
Manu Chao - My Favorite; French-Spanish-English cross-genre music. He used to be in Mano Negro. He rocks.
Putamayo - This isn't an artist, but a company that collects all of the music from a region and puts the best on a CD. I listened to the Columbia one and it was excellent.
Sierra Maestra - Cuban. I love this band.
Tabla Beat Science - Electro-Hindi Music. They're incredible.
King Tubby - real Slow Jamaican Dub.
Los Lobos - Mexican rock band out of L. A.

I have some web sites, however and they'll just make for good reading.
ad busters, an anti-consumerism page.
opensecrets: shows who contributes money to politicians.
bureau of labor statistics: keeps you updated on the workers
New York Times: Objective reporting.
Guardian Unlimited: It's kind of sick that I have to go to other countries newspapers to find out what's going on in mine.
American Prospect: Good Articles. Left-of-Center

It is important that we get a lot of feedback. Reply with anything that crosses your mind.
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