Jared Rudolph (jaredrudolph) wrote in cultureclub,
Jared Rudolph

meeting on thursday morning

There will be a meeting on thursday morning to discuss the plausability of running the Boogie Down through the school.
A consensus will be taken of the members present. I need someone to run the meeting because I will probably not be there. I think it should be Nythia because she attended the last meeting and seems excited about this. Liana could as well. It dosn't matter.

There will be a series of votes:

1. Should we have it at school?
Ramifications - If we vote yes, then we have to jump through hoops in order to get the thing off the ground. People get working on feldman at that second. Proceed to vote 4.
If we vote no, then we might not be able to put Culture Club's name on it. Proceed to the next vote.
2. Should it be sponsered by Culture Club?
Ramifications - If we vote yes, then we will still have residual hoops to jump through in order to put on the show. Proceed to next vote.
If we vote no, then we can't talk about it anymore and it's a dead idea. People who are in culture club may be involved, but their help will not be reqired. This is in order to curb any possible contreversy. Proceed to next vote.
3. Where should we have it?
Possible - Wirth Park, City Hall, ??? I like Wirth Park.
4. Where should the money go?
Possible- South Africa or Zimbabwe.
5. When should it be?
Possible - Fridays or Saturdays in late may.
6. Get people going!
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