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Inspiration Strikes at Midnight

I can't wait. I need this to come out now. I was thinking of my fantasy announcement for the Culture Club fundraiser boogie-down. I think this is it.

"Hey everybody. Culture Club is organizing a fundraiser on we need to choose a date in the we need to choose a location. I hope that everyone can come out. Entry is we need to choose a price . Because we're just trying to cover costs, all of the remaining money will go to we need to choose an organization , an organization that assists in rebuilding schools in Baghdad. Now many of you may be thinking that this is anti-war. But, really it's something that everyone can support and that is the education of underprivileged children. The day is going to be an extremely positive event. First of all, there will be a reception with the jazz band playing and different foods from other cultures available for purchase. After that, bands from our school and others will play. We will have tryouts on we need to choose a date, so get practicing. Contact me or go to www.livejournal.com/community/culture club for a tryout form. You can also e-mail my school account at c4rudolj@elmbrook.k12.wi.us. After the bands play, there will be a boogie down dance party. I'll DJ and will play some songs other than "tootsie roll" and I guarantee, there won't be any Nelly. I'll probably, in the nature of the entire event, bust out some songs that come from different cultures, but everything will allow you to get down. I promise. If you have any song suggestions, go to the culture club web site or contact me at my e-mail. I'll be taking requests up to a week in advance. Because you will be able to get down so hard, you will be able to purchase these "I boogied-down for Iraqi children" t-shirts. The T-shirts will cost 10 dollars, most of which will go to we need to choose an organization. So come on out to we need to choose a location from we need to choose a time and see the music. Come early so you can get the good food and stay late so you can enjoy the great tunes. I thank you for your time and encourage everyone to come out and boogie down with us."

First of all, we need to think of a name for it. I was thinking "The BCHS Culture Club Boogie Down for Iraqi Children."
Secondly, we need to decide on a date.
Third, we need to see if it can happen. Talk to administration. We can have parent chaperones.
Forth, we need everyone involved in promoting it. Posters. Announcements.
Fifth, we need everyone making food, t-shirts. I'm going to buy a mixer and I think that I can borrow a PA from Erich.
Sixth, we need the lackeys on CC to decorate the area and bring in their couches.
Eight, we need to do this thing!

Extra Ideas:
Setting up booths that hand out informational material.
Having a chill out room with ambient music playing and couches everywhere.
Having couches everywhere.

I need everyone's input on this thing and we need to get going on it NOW. There WILL be a meeting very soon. Look to the announcements If you haven't joined CC yet and would like to help out with this, let me know and you can join. Just pay your user fees. Please let me know what you think about this!
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