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cc idea

for raising money:

At my old school, there was a fundraiser for "Crayons to Computers," an organization that gives money to under funded schools in Cincinnati. In two weeks, they raised 5,500 dollars. I think if we were to use their same methods, then we could get something done and get some money and aid to people that need it (has anyone heard of someone pledging money to starving Iraqi people?).

The way that they did this was by having teachers doing crazy things. As they got more money, the teachers would do more crazy things. My friend e-mailed this to me:
"400, Mr felczan would dress up like tigger
500, mrs rotsching would get cornrows
700, lampe would dye his mustache and hair purple
850, ryan dressing up as a clown
1000, robinson in a chicken suit doing the chicken dance with the student body
1200, leal dressed as hulk hogan
1500, mr burke in a kilt playing the bagpipes
1800, mr siler dressed as britney spears
2100, barre bros getting pied in the face by football captains
2500, ballard dressing like prom queen barbie
3000, lehman shaving his beard
3500, furlong dressing like a ballerina
4500, killean getting his ear pierced in front of the school
5000, baker getting his head shaved to a mohawk in front of the school"

I don't know if this would infringe on the contract situation, but I think it'd be an incredible thing to do and everyone would enjoy it. It'd raise lots of money from students that want to get their teachers doing crap. I think that this would be incredible. By the time I leave highschool, I want culture club to do enough that it merits at least one assembly. This is just an idea to get us there. Any ideas on things that teachers could do would be amusing even if we don't do this.

Should there be a meeting on Friday? I think there should.
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